Repost from @ncartmuseum using @RepostRegramApp – Durham gallery Craven Allen Gallery & House of Frames opens the exhibition “The Light Within” Saturday, November 14, featuring new works of art by Beverly McIver created during the pandemic. The show can be viewed in the gallery with social distancing, as well as online on Craven Allen’s Beverly McIver gallery page.⁠ ⁠ From the gallery site: “A nationally known artist who has been named Top Ten in Painting by Art News, Beverly McIver was working nonstop, teaching classes at Duke, leading workshops all over the country, caregiving for her family, and painting when she could. When Covid hit, along with all of 2020’s racial and political turbulence, McIver’s life changed dramatically. McIver faced the chaos and isolation the only way she knew how—through paint.”⁠ ⁠ Can’t get enough McIver? Sign up for our Mindful Museum: Virtual Slow Art Appreciation coming up Wednesday, November 18, focusing on “Truly Grateful” by Beverly McIver. This hourlong virtual program guides you through centering techniques and a breathing practice followed by an intentional observation of Truly Grateful by Beverly McIver. Sharing and discussion are encouraged. This is a great practice to calm the mind and experience art in a deeper way.⁠ ⁠ Find links to everything at #NCMArecommends⁠ @bmciverart⁠ ⁠ Image Description: Painting of a Black woman with long hair peeking out of a blindfold.

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