I am currently working with metallic and mixed-media materials on canvas. These works are inspired by childhood memories of play, ceremony and reflection. Most importantly, my new work is reminiscent of close observation of natural objects like tree barks and reptile skins. 

Shards of nature and retro-figures are often found in my work. I like to create tension by painting the literal and layering elements of the abstract. I have pushed myself to create what I call a “textured colorfield”. Colors are stenciled, painted, layered and taken away. Each day has been a challenge since I work with paints that look different in the ever- changing light. 


Paul Hrusovsky received a BFA, MeD, and MFA from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. He continued his post-graduate work at Washington University, St.Louis.
He showed locally at Somerhill and Tyndall Galleries as well as Craven Allen gallery here in Durham where he also was acting director for many years.

He has also had shows at WCU at Cullowhee, UNC at Chapel Hill, and numerous locations throughout St. Louis, Missouri.

Paul was a founding member of frank gallery in Chapel Hill and for over four years maintained a working studio and retail space in downtown Chapel Hill.
His works are found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Paul’s most recent show at Craven Allen Gallery:

Peg Bachenheimer, Paul Hrusovksy and Ronan Kyle Peterson combined elements of nature with pure abstraction for their three-person show Craven Allen Gallery.

Paul gives a short tour of some of his pieces in this video on Instagram.

Paul Hrusovsky, Ronan Peterson, and Peg Bachenheimer at Craven Allen Gallery September 19 - October 31