I paint with acrylics and other materials in a mixed-media format that sometimes takes on the look of encaustic work. Items are often embedded in the canvas and sometimes become totally covered; other times, small bits show through via scratching or rubbing. The instruments used to apply the paint varies: fingers, brushes, razors, scrap paper, plastic bags … whatever it takes.

My work evolves in progressive layers of paint. I rarely complete a piece in one session; I usually finish it months after I’ve started, sometimes even years. I’m surprised by where the paintings begin and where they end. I see it as an ongoing journey, filled with many unexpected twists and turns and discoveries.

The colors, textures, and themes almost always involve a connection to my childhood growing up on a farm, my love of photography, and a desire to create order out of chaos.

My recent work reflects the brief year I spent in Minneapolis Minnesota and the time that has passed since my return to North Carolina. My paintings have become more abstract and free form. The phrase I have used as a title for many paintings over the last few years seems to finally be working.

As best you can, let whatever might rise.