Jeremy Kerman

Jeremy Kerman



When I lived in Philadelphia, I’d often get off work late at night and go biking around the city looking at the houses and the street lights. I didn’t paint much during this time but I think ideas began to form. During this time, my friend Marc Cote took me to a show of bay area expressionists, including Richard Diebenkorn and Nathan Oliveira, which made a lasting impression on me. Now that I live in Durham, I think my pictures are inspired by my love and curiosity about my new hometown. Though it is very different from Philadelphia, it, too, has the concentrated mix of classes, cultures, and architectures that make cities compelling.

My works are almost all mixed media because my M.O. tends to be grabbing whatever works best and is on hand. Materials I like are acrylics, pastels, pencils, and chipboard.


I attended Montclair State College where I studied painting, drawing, and design. I attended UNC-CH where I studied screen printing and intaglio. My work has been shown at a couple of very small galleries in Chapel Hill and at Horse and Buggy Press in Durham. I have done a few commissioned pieces and much of my work hangs at Watts Grocery in Durham. This is my first major show.