Donna Wesley Spencer

Donna Wesley Spencer



The past few years have given all of us reason to be in despair, but that is not a place where I want to live. I am fortunate that I have always heard my camera saying to me, “Go look for what you need to find”. Most often I am unsure what I need to find, but if I go out enough with my camera, sometimes I get there.

I’ve needed to find the places and moments that transcend the worries of the current moment – the always true that can be found in the stillness of wild places. The images in this series are printed either on vellum over gold leaf or platinum palladium prints on rag paper. I use these alternative methods both because I love to print each image by hand as a one-of-a-kind piece, and because both methods take the image out of immediate time.


Donna Wesley Spencer Donna Wesley Spencer’s interest in photography reflects a lifelong love of art, history, and 19th century literature. She studied photography at the Evanston Art Center during her years living in the Chicago area, as well as various workshops, and Penland School of Craft. For the past few years, her interest has been in working in the alternative processes, particularly for images that could have been made yesterday, or many years ago. She currently resides in Hillsborough.